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(Established in the year 1811)

आवश्यक सूचना
छावनी परिषद् बरेली छावनी के सभी सम्मानित नागरिको सूचित किया जाता कि नागरिकों की सुविधा हेतु दिनांक 31-03-2019 (रविवार) को भी छावनी परिषद कार्यालय खुला रहेगा ताकि सभी अपना बकाया टैक्स जमा करा सके।
अधिक जानकारी हेतु संपर्क करे : श्री विकास गुप्ता, राजस्व निरीक्षक (मोबाइल : 94568708992)
Garbage Free City के संबंध में के आपप्ति / प्रतिक्रिया के संबंध में
Garbage Free City के संबंध में के आपप्ति / प्रतिक्रिया के संबंध में
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The Cantonment Board Bareilly (CBB) is an autonomous body under the control of Govt. of India, ‘Ministry of Defence’ and discharges obligatory and discretionary functions as per the provisions of Cantonment Act 2006. The Cantonment Board is regulatory body to manage and control the land/building activities as a whole or as a part in the Cantonment area in accordance with law, rules/polices issued by the Ministry of Defence, which includes the maintenance of land records/details and boundary of Cantonment area. The Bareilly Cantonment is spread in 4270 Acres of land, out of which a part belongs to “Bazar Area” having dense civil population. Cantonment Board also provides civic services and infrastructure facilities to the citizens of Bareilly Cantonment.
The Cantonment Board Bareilly is also responsible for providing civic administration and implementing the Central Govt schemes of social welfare, public health, hygiene, safety, water supply, sanitation, urban renewal and education.
Message from PCB

Brig Inderjeet Singh

"Bareilly Cantonment Board aims to provide high quality services with universal access including the poor. It will be slum free, citizen friendly, well-governed and environmental friendly" ............

Message from CEO

 Dr. Anupam Talwar

We at Bareilly Cantonment Board are committed towards providing inclusive and efficient services by increasing transparency and taking a citizen friendly and environment friendly approach.......

  1. Brief introduction of Bareilly Cantt Board.
  2. Constitution of and Members of the Bareilly Cantt. Board.
  3. Committees of Cantt. Board Bareilly
  4. Monthly meeting agendas, resolutions etc.
  5. Monuments of Bareilly Cantt.
  6. General Administration
  7. Engineering Section
  8. Sanitation Section
  9. Revenue Section
  10. Account Section
  11. Store Section
  12. Cantt. Board Schools
  13. Cantt. General Hospital
  14. Legal Advisor and Court Cases.
  15. Periodic Reports
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